BlackJack in New Jersey

Live Blackjack vs. Online Blackjack

If you are a fan of the land-based blackjack table, you may have a hard time imagining that its online counterpart could mimic it. Well, you would be surprised how similar the two are and how much fun you would have without leaving your house.

These two are different, that is a fact, and we will outline some of the most start differences as well as similarities.

Online Blackjack in New Jersey

The random number generator – RNG – is the technology used to select game numbers and winners, and this technology has been used in other games for decades. Once a week, casinos will have auditors come in to check and determine that the numbers selected through the RNG are right and that the game is fair to all.

Live Blackjack Strategy

Live blackjack is the same that your dad has been playing since you were a kid and it is usually between you and 6 other players at a table. If you just sit at the right hand side of the dealer, you get to see them shuffle cards and lead the game. The main difference between live and online blackjack is the presence of a dealer and the fact that you play with real people that you can touch and talk to in a live match. Online, your opponents will be in the chat room with you but never in the flesh.

The strategy for both games is the same and so you can apply what you know from traditional blackjack as your online blackjack strategy.

Advantages of each? While live blackjack brings you the real action as you are in a table with people you can see, you have to get to the casino, which can be at times inconveniencing. Also, you may find it easier to put a limit to the total amount you can spend without the influence of other players.