BlackJack in New Jersey

Is your Blackjack Strategy Working?

You have been feeling a little weak in your game lately, thanks to three consecutive losses in the last three games and you just think blackjack isn’t your match. You have been following a certain website giving tips on online blackjack but those don’t seem to work for you and now you are trapped. What to do to kill time on your commute from work every day?

Play Free Online Blackjack Regularly

Okay, they talk about perfection coming with regular practice, but you do know there is no such thing as a perfect hand. So you will and should settle for ‘good enough.’ Here’s the thing about blackjack; the first two, three or even ten times of playing will not win you a massive sum of money, but regular practice will make you better in your game. It will bring you that much closer to taking the jackpot home.

A Tried and Tested Blackjack Strategy in NJ

Now, about the 5-card strategies; Stand, Hit, Double, Split, and Surrender. When the dealer has 7-Ace and you 12-16, Hit. You have 12 through 16 and the dealer is at 2-6, Stand. If you have 7 through Ace, then you are in safe position but doing badly when you have 2 through 6. It may take some time to get this through, but you will get better with regular practice.

Start with Free Games

Still not sure whether you want to start? You will never know unless you play online blackjack now and start applying this and other strategies. Playing against seasoned gamblers will also do you some good as you will take a few lessons from them. You only need to register an account with an online casino, which is free, and then you will have the freedom to gamble away as much as you wish.